Thanks so much to everyone who applied to perform; we wish we could have picked you all! We had to consider available venues, audiences, and funding sources. We ended up with an impressive selection of shows using hand puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, black light puppets, a crankie, rod puppets, and tabletop puppets. You’ll see:

Thursday Evening:



Sunday Morning:

You’ll see all of the shows together with their intended audiences: school shows with classes of school kids, family shows with children and parents, and adult shows with other adults. Venues include a 1910 opera house/movie theater, a state-of-the-art high school auditorium, a charming downtown pocket park, and a church hall with a stage. Because West Liberty has a puppetry center, local residents are well schooled and interested in puppetry and excited to host this festival. You’ll see locals at all of the shows.





Fill out and submit the form below, or download and print the form, and mail it to the Artistic Director:

Pam Corcoran
7882 Rolling Hills Rd
Custer, WI 54423

Performance Proposal