Puppetry Store & Exhibit

An exhibit of puppetry arts and history will be on display throughout the West Liberty downtown area in shop windows of local businesses. The exhibit will be directed by Michelle O’Donnell. 

We will also have a consignment store at West Liberty’s historic railroad depot (West Liberty Heritage Park, 405 N. Elm Street) for those of you who want to sell some of your puppet creations or puppet-related paraphernalia. It will be run by Twin City Puppeteers. Here are the details:

We’d like to cordially invite you to be a vendor in the Puppetry Store!

The Puppetry Store is a pop-up consignment shop that sells new, gently used, vintage, antique, or collectible items supplied by puppeteers, collectors, puppet makers, and puppetry enthusiasts.

Puppetry store hours:

Hours for consignment check in
o Thurs., Sept. 8th, 3 – 5 pm
o Fri., Sept. 9th, 7:30 – 9:30 am
Hours for selling
o Fri., Sept. 9th, 2 – 5 pm
o Sat., Sept. 10th, 8:30 – 10:00 am, 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Hours for store check out
o Sat., Sept. 10th, 9 – 10 pm
o Sun., Sept. 11th, 8 – 10 am


How to Sell at the Puppetry Store:

1. Sign up to be a vendor by contacting Rosemary Casper (rlcaspar@gmail.com).  She will assign you a three character vendor ID(i.e.  ABC) and have the link to a vendor spreadsheet sent to you.
2. Read and sign the seller agreement.
3. Pay $20 as a vendor fee*
4. Fill out your merchandise spreadsheet and assign a number to each item you are selling.
5. Clearly tag all of your sale items with your vendor ID and the item number (i.e. ABC-1, ABC-2, etc.) 
6. Sign up for volunteer hours*
7. Bring your items to the store in West Liberty, Iowa.  You must be registered for the festival to be a vendor.  All items must be delivered to the store in person.  
8. Pick up any unsold items at the end of the festival.

*Your $20 vendor fee goes to help staff the store. If you volunteer 2 hours of your time at the Puppetry Store during the festival, your $20 vendor fee will be refunded to you with your final payment! 

The Nitty-Gritty

(Read this to know what you’re getting yourself into!)


All Consignors will pay an up-front consignor fee of $20.00, which may be refunded in exchange for working a minimum of 2 hours in the store.

Consignors whose merchandise is correctly entered, tagged and ready to sell upon arrival will receive 72% of their sales. The Puppetry Store retains 28% and uses it to pay taxes, credit card fees, and other expenses associated with selling your goods.

All consignors are responsible to enter all of their items, prices, etc., on their spreadsheet. Consignors are also responsible to tag each item. The Puppetry Store volunteers are not responsible for tagging items. Incomplete tagging will be subject to a 35% consignor fee. If items arrive without tags, the Puppetry Store cannot guarantee that they will be placed for sale.


• Any item priced at $1 or more
• Items that are clean and do not smell

The puppetry store reserves the right to reject merchandise we believe to be sub-standard (i.e. items with an unpleasant odor, or items that are dirty).

We will do everything we can to care for your items, however we cannot be held responsible in case of fire, theft, or damage.


The consignor agrees that they have the right to sell the items they are submitting to the Puppetry Store.

Puppeteers of America assumes no responsibility for possible copyright infringement on any consignment items.